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About Us _________________
Founder Review

4th May, 1939, Subal Chandra Das was born at Anur, Hooghly, West Bengal. He was a brilliant student, he stood with good marks and graduated in Economics. There after he joined in Land & Revenue Department, Government of West Bengal. He had donated his own land and established a school for disadvantaged and economically backward students in Anur in the year 1975, Namely Anur Harijan Prathamik Vidyalaya, Now a days this school is promoted upto class VIII run by West Bengal Government He served many charitable works for poorer section in the society, primary health service & others social works & distribution of food and grains during flood. He died on 17th May, 2003. After his death we established Subal Das foundation On 2009.

Our Society is providing various social service, beneficial and development activities in the society.


Methodology :-

  • i) Education for disadvantaged children and neglected children will be given free computer education, Rehabilitation, self independence training for their self in depended livelihood.
  • ii) Education for the disadvantaged children and neglected children will be given with singing, dancing, drawing and motherly love.
  • iii) Education will deliver with trained professional.

Brief history of the organization :
The organization Subal Das Foundation was establishment in the year 2009 at Daspara, in the village Akhina of Burdwan district, West Bengal, India. Some wise men, educated and dedicated youths came forward to develop the socio-economic status in the remote area of Burdwan namely Akhina including surrounding area. Most of the inhabitants are isolated and salanic. Their mode of life depended on agriculture though it was not sufficient source for their livelihood. Needless to say agriculture were done through adopting the primitive way. The farmers were sucked by the ungrateful drones like Mahajan. Education and health status of the people specially women and children were severely affected and neglected. Our organization sympathized with such neglected and venerable groups of children.

With the point of view, the Subal Das Foundation has started a free computer training institute with a few neglected, disadvantaged children and orphan children in the year 2009 to provide their food, shelter, dress, education, health care, rehabilitation, training for self employment and other necessary things required for their upbringing.

The Subal Das Foundation firmly believes that selfless and free of cost training and motivating these people can attribute certain qualities of human beings and may also earn a livelihood for themselves. However this will require free training and motivation for self-confidence so that they can lead an independent life undertake some income generating activities to their right.

Slowly and gradually the modest made in the Year 2009, grew in space and dimension for a few number of disadvantaged children and neglected children.

At present, we have 27 disadvantaged children, orphan children and neglected children in our foundation. The Subal Das Foundation is providing need-based free computer training and vocational skill development training for these children.

Human Resource
As per our project there will be a scope of human involvement of 65 staff members, out of which 35 members are honouralbe (i.e., they will not be salaried).

  1. Principal                                    -    1
  2. Vice-Principal                            -    2
  3. Project co-ordinator                  -    2
  4. Medical officer                          -    3
  5. Pharmacist                               -    2
  6. Medical staff                             -    4
  7. Accountant                               -    2
  8. Nurses                                      -    3
  9. Vocational                                -    3
  1. Teachers                                  -    20
  2. Programme officer                    -    2
  3. Centre in-charge                      -    2
  4. Development officer                 -    2
  5. Office support staff                   -    5
  6. Advocacy officer                       -    2
  7. Field officer                              -    2
  8. Advisor                                     -    3
  1. Physical & games instructor      -    1
  2. Documentation officer               -    1
  3. Supervisor                                -    1
  4. Peon                                         -    3
  5. Guard                                       -    2
  6. Cook                                         -    3
  7. Sweeper                                   -    2
  8. House maintenance staff          -    2

With these successful training of these children, another very urgent need is School and hostel building and Health centre building with special equipments.

With fund available, Subal Das Foundation will construct a special building for the establishment of the school, health centre and hostel and rehabilitation for the disadvantaged children, orphan children and Neglected children free computer training institute.

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