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Our Mission _________________

Sustainable development of marginalized and vulnerable people to ensure a quality life through empowerment, education, information, healthcare service and economic self-reliance through convergence of services provided by local self government. From economic point of view Subal Das Foundation have believes that selfless and free of cost training and motivation the disadvantaged children, orphan children and Neglected children can attribute certain qualities of human beings and may also earn a livelihood for themselves. However this will require free training and motivation for self-confidence so that they can lead an independence life and undertake some income activities to their might.
With this view Subal Das Foundation has started a service of free training for the disadvantaged children, orphan children and Neglected children in through joint effort with other institution.

Vision _____________________

The Managing committee of Subal Das Foundation had since decided to establish on special School and Health centre for disadvantaged children, orphan children and Neglected children as their needs and aspiration are quite different.

One will also agree with us that these type children’s are needed for hostels to accommodate. At present we have 27 disadvantaged children, orphan children and Neglected children at our society.

Our overall vision is that we will admit more number of disadvantaged children, orphan children and Neglected children in any time and increase the number from (existing number of disadvantaged children, orphan children and Neglected children) to 120 as we will provide special education and vocational training and rehabilitation for their independent livelihood in future.


  1. To acquire, establish, start, aid, run, maintain or manage Ashram, Math, Cultural & Educational Institutes, Old age home, orphan home, libraries for the benefit of the public/ students;
  2. To make sanitary programme, forestry programme etc, for the development and protection of environment;
  3. To organize free Ambulance service for the needy patients;
  4. To publish or cause to be published useful literatures, magazines, etc. without profit motive;
  5. To give necessary relief to the affected in time, of famine, pestilence and other calamities caused by nature;
  6. To arrange for social and cultural functions including dance drama, theatre, etc. games both indoor and outdoor, gymnastics, Yoga Bayam, body-building and other physical activities for the entertainment and benefit of members and local people;
  7. To organize rural development programme / project for the needy rural people;
  8. To help the needy student of all communities for the prosecution of the studies;
  9. To organize blood donation camp, etc. awareness camp on health, nutrition, pollution, superstition etc. and setup charitable hospital, charitable dispensaries with the help of qualified doctors.
  10. To organize handicraft training centre for the needy people for their self dependent in life;
  11. To organize and setup computer and vocational training centre, Rehabilitation centre, hostel, for the Normal / disabled persons and supply of aids and appliances for the disabled and handicapped child / persons.
  12. To impart and develop social awareness among the illiterate women and men by organizing awareness camps;
  13. To alleviate the sufferings of animals or other living creatures as may deemed appropriate;
  14. To help the aged sick helpless and indigent persons;
  15. To promote self help group.


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