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(Cultural, Economic, Social Welfare, and Charitable Society)
Name of organization : SUBAL DAS FOUNDATION
Address : Daspara, Village : Akhina, Post : Noley, Police Station : Madhabdihi, District : Burdwan, Postal Code : 713424, West Bengal
Society registration No : S/IL/91217 of 2012-2013
Year of Establishment : 04th day of May, 2012
Society PAN : AAMTS1751L

General information about Burdwan :-
The District Burdwan, the south side is bounded by Hooghly district and the North side by Burdwan district is Jharkhand state, East by Bangladesh and West on the bank of Holy Ganga River.

  • A. Administrative Division   :    Presidency
  • B. Head Quarter                 :    Burdwan
  • C. Area                               :    7024.0 kms.
  • D. Population                     :    Person (6,896), Male (3,588), Female (3,307)
  • E. Literacy                          :    Person (70.18), Male (78.63), Female (60.95)
  • F. Block                              :    31
  • G. Town                             :    66
  • H. No. of Village                 :    2,529
  • I.   Sub-Division                 :    31
Orphanage Welfare

Certain people are born with a variety of neglected but otherwise they are equal or even more than capable as compared of normal Human beings.
However they may required some assistance initially to overcome to their distress and helpless and neglected life.
But remember they are only demand empathy and sympathy from the able-bodied men.


Project description :-
A : Background of this project : Present situation on those area is (observed to our past study).
i) Major community live below poverty line.
ii) Un-educated rate is very high
iii) People work in un-authorized sector
iv) Unscientific family planning and rate of unsafe sex is high
v) Addiction to harmful drug
vi) Poor Health
vii) Lack of employment opportunities which can sustain a family
viii) Local political parties, police initiative towards the poor
ix) Religious biasness and superstition
x) Social issues concerning the under priviledged not covered by media with sensitivity
xi) Non institutional birth (risky untrained bias)
xii) Few children got/have birth certificate
xiii) Local immunization
xiv) Local education status, children attending formal School very rare
xv) Drop out rates high as the children have tendency to attain productive labour. Sometime they are involved in many hazards industries
xvi) Low nutritional status
xvii) Addiction of harmful drug, tobacco is very common
xviii) Children do not have the scope to enjoy their childhood due to poverty
xix) Several adolscent are entering the criminal world
xx) Girl children prone to trafficking
xxi) Children are bounded to enter employment under exploitation condition due to poverty.
xxii) Children start working as labour as soon as they attain the age of productive employment


Justification of the Project :-
i) Our existing faculties will be trained and well experienced, all staff members are cooperative and sympathetic towards the beneficiaries
ii) Our organization is situated in a reversed legislative constituency for Scheduled Caste. A large number of beneficiaries belonging to Scheduled Caste and weaker sections of the society below poverty.
iii) Subal Das Foundation is well connected with metal state High Way. Purbasthali, Mangolkote and Akhina, the extreme part of Burdwan, West Bengal.
iv) There are no sufficient computer training institutes for disadvantaged children, neglected children, orphan children and weaker sections of the society under below poverty in the district Burdwan.
v) Maximum disadvantaged children are deprived of all round facilities like education, health care, nutrition, love etc.


Strategies and activity :
After advocacy and net working with other N.G.O.s, we can start our mission on step by step which is show below
a.    Target people
b.    Group forming after report
c.    Selection of leader from each groups
d.    Selection of poor educator from our target peoples
e.    Capacity building through suitable training and motivation
f.     Motivated target peoples through awareness programme and street drama.
g.    Ensure Health support by Health camp, providing medicine counselling facility
h.    Ensure Health right through strong advocacy with govt. Stake holders/service provider community develop through vocational training and help to poor through many service.


Network/Alliance with other Non – Government Organization, local stake holder and legal stakeholder and advocacy.
In this project period special efforts will be made to collaborate with other Non – Government Organization and also local and legal stakeholders, for the causes of addressing the basic problem and needs. We build a strong network with them. This meeting will be arranging monthly basis. An advocacy should be done with local service provider like hospital.


Community group :
After completing our base line survey and primary relation with community, a group will be organized our main objective in this phase is that by building group in order to gain self-consciousness of their basic Health right and to solve the various problem in future and to make a strong and suborn unity among them. Our target is, we want to make 50 groups in our target areas after make a strong report building with our target people.

The meeting will be arranged continuously this group will take initiative of future for continuing our goal. After various training we find a leader from each group. We want to motivate in our community by this leader. We believe this method is most suitable for approaching to community.

We find log off peer education who is representing on his or her community. Our goal is to be motivated in our target people by this peer groups. This method is most suitable for approaching to community. We mostly provide various training to this peer groups for growing there capacity and motivation level.


Goal of Project :
i) To provide formal education for disadvantaged children, neglected children, orphan children and weaker sections of the society under below poverty.
ii) To provide nutritious food and health facilities
iii) To provide vocational support for their livelihood.


Capacity building of staff/staff training :
Subal Das Foundation will be sent an exposure visit to various Non – Government Organizations around the country to exchange ideas and experiences. After recruiting all our staff will also be given them to different training and workshops to enhance their skills and capacity. Our organization will organize  different training programme.


Street drama :
Residential using street theatre has provided to be an excellent medium to build awareness amongst the homeless people and poor people. Experience in our previous and existing intervention show that the message reaches the community faster when street theatres on particular issues are performed. A professional theatre group involved in staging street theatres amongst community.


Health camp :
We arrange weekly Health check-up camp and also distribute few medicine. Sometime, we provide support in accidental cases. In our propose area for ensure Health service. But mainly our motto is to liazo between target community and different govt. stake holder like hospital, govt. Health centre.


Awareness camp :
We organize various awareness in different issues like HIV/AIDS. Family planning, drug abuse, child marriage. We also organize drug rehabilitation camp in our propose area.


Audio author system :
The situations, the stories were adopted from world, folk and regional literature and adopted to the set of conditions that their life style. In this invention, where childrens, adolescent girl and women attended story felling sessions and give their interpretation of the story. This gave an insight into their understanding and analysis.


Vocational Training and income generating programme :
We organize training centre in Burdwan for poor community people in the urban and rural area. We provide them in different vocational and skill development training like as tailoring, bag making and soft toys making. Not only that, we must provide loan after training and we will give them scholarship in the training period. We open a training centre in proposed area.


Recreational Activities :
This initiative will organize annual sports for the poor people and some competitions for the boys, girls, women and man of the poor community and celebrating some event with our target community.


Sports and games :
Subal Das Foundation provide that sports and games among the disadvantaged children, orphan children and neglected children in every calendar year.


Educational tour for disadvantage children, neglected children, orphan children and weaker sections :
Subal Das Foundation provide educational tour programme incorporating. And the members and staff of the organization to visit some places of interest in Kerala, Rajasthan, and other states in every year.


Chariot Festival :
Subal Das Foundation provide tradition of chariot festival is going on last several years. It is needless to say that we have wined the hearts disadvantaged children, orphan children, neglected children and young section of the locality organizing chariot festival of Godes Durga, Kali, Saraswati and Lord Jagannath


Mother and childs health care programme :
The aim of the programme is to render basic curative service to the pregnant mothers and baby care.

Added to this, child’s growth and Health care of mothers during antinatal and post natal stage have been given more emphasis. The project being focal one in the manifestos of “Free computer training institute” for disadvantaged children, orphan children, weaker sections and neglected children administering vaccine to the children and medicines to the mother for their Health and family planning are the key points of mother and child care programme.

We try to maintain immunization by giving DPT, Booster, BCG, condom time to time, and we want to given proper nutrition for pregnant mother. Our target is to cover 167 mother in a year under this scheme.


Dissemination Plans :
Disadvantaged children’s, orphan children’s, neglected children’s and weaker sections Computer training Institute will the findings, feed back, learning and experience of project to be known to other people by

  1. Through internal monitoring
  2. Through external monitoring
  3. Through monitoring and evaluation (M & E)
  4. Through networking meeting with various stake holders and Non – Government Organizations media
  5. Through report publishing
  6. Through group meeting with target community members.

Indicators to assess impact

  • A. Quantitive Indicator
    a)  We reached number of peoples means we change number of peoples behaviours. There awareness level grow up and they aware there Health right.
    b) Increasing the awareness rate of community to H.I.V. family planning, drug abuse, child marriage and basic concept of Health.
    c) Deicers child death after birth
    d) Decrease mal nutrition problem
    e) The drop out rate decreases
    f) Unemployment rate will be decreased

  • B. Qualitative indicator :
    a) Ensure minimum Health service
    b) The motivation level of the community member will increase
    c) Self-confidence will be increasing
    d) Ensure basic Health right
    e) Build up community ownership

Time Duration :
Project will be three phases total time 5 years (five years).

a. Organizational development (infrastructure etc.)
b. Finding suitable staff
c. Details survey of geographical area that the organization is covering
d. Collection of the survey and its sharing with interested and related people
e. Initiating linkage with local service providers
f. Community group forming
g. Capacity building staff imparting different training
h. Community mobilization through performing street drama group meeting etc. awareness programme and Health support being provided
i. Appointing the peer educator from community
j. Hospital service for poor and backward community

a.    Appointing peer educator from community
b.    Capacity building of the staff and community members and peer educators imparting different training
c.    Awareness programme and Health support being provided
d.    Community mobilization through performing street drama, group meeting etc.
e.    Monitoring by community and internal & external monitoring
f.     Full phase running to hospital

a.    Community mobilization through performing street drama, group meeting etc.
b.    Awareness programme and Health support being provided
c.    Monitoring and evaluation
d.    End line survey
e.    Community take the charge their own development
f.     Full phase running to hospital

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